Quad Eight CA 227 Classic Preamp Kit 1

This studio quality preamp kit includes all parts circuit boards, and mounting hardware to complete a Quad Eight CA-227 preamp from any CA-127, 127a or 137 lineamp card. The finished kit provides controls for Phantom power, Phase, Pad, Input Impedance and a 12 position rotary gain switch.

The input transformer is built to exact Quad Eight factory specifications by the original manufacturer, from the original drawings. This allows you to use Professional 1970’s Audio Technology for it’s well known sonic characteristics in your present day recording system. And you save hundreds by assembling it yourself !

If you DO OWN a QE CA series line amp:  This kit contains all the parts (shown left) to assemble the preamp kit, QE lineamp conversion parts for your CA series card (including input transformer), templates for drilling the front panel, schematics and complete assembly instructions (This kit does not include the QE lineamp card).

If you DON’T OWN a QE CA series line amp, click here.