Gallery of Quad Eight Installations

Quad Eight™ Pacifica

The Aerie, Austin, Texas USA

24-frame, circa 1979, three-band sweepable EQ, P&G faders.

Owned by Mark Addison.


Quad Eight™ 2082 Blackfoot Console

Audioscapes Pty Ltd, Newtown, NSW, Australia

20 input, 2 way switched EQ, circa 1971.  It has lovely red round fader knobs with Gliss faders.

Owned by Jim Blackfoot.

Quad Eight™ Ventura Console

Los Angeles, California USA

Here’s a Ventura owned by Dave Pearlman of Rotund Rascal Recording.

Quad Eight™ Coronado Console

Quad Eight™ 3624 Oral Roberts Console

Currently in a private studio in Pasadena, California USA.

Quad Eight™ Ad From The 70’sA cool ad Dave Pearlman sent in, which appeared on the back cover of Mix Magazine.