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Quad Eight EQ 333 & 333c

Originally designed and used in the Coronado Ventura and Pacifica Stock-series recording consoles, this item became popular as a console EQ for custom music and film recording in the mid 70’s to 80’s.   Eventually there will be a updated version designed and manufactured. The 333C is a special version made for two large-format recording consoles.  […]

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Quad Eight 248 Console

The 248 Console was designed in the mid 80’s as a cost effective modular console system aimed at radio television and small recording studio market.  This design maintained many of the original design principles that Quad Eight developed over the years, but eliminated some of the more its expensive components in order to make it […]

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Quad Eight Ventura Console

Here’s a Ventura owned by Dave Pearlman of Rotund Rascal Recording in Los Angeles.

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Quad Eight 2082 Blackfoot Console

Jim Blackfoot’s Quad Eight™ 2082.   Audioscapes Pty Ltd, Newtown, NSW, Australia. 20 input, 2 way switched EQ, circa 1971. It has lovely red round fader knobs with Gliss faders.

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Quad Eight Pacifica Console

Mark Addison’s Quad Eight Pacifica 24-frame, circa 1979, three-band sweepable eq, P&G faders.

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Quad Eight CA 27 Dual Opamp

Equivalent to two AM-3 opamps on a single card. Used as an output bus driver, mix summing amp, gain makeup or utility amp. Similar versions of this card include the CA-27, CA-27a, CA-37 and CA-272. All can become high quality dual preamps by adding mic input transformers, optional output transformers, and a special “advanced skills” version […]

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