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Quad Eight Ventura Console

Here’s a Ventura owned by Dave Pearlman of Rotund Rascal Recording in Los Angeles.

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Quad Eight 2082 Blackfoot Console

Jim Blackfoot’s Quad Eight™ 2082.   Audioscapes Pty Ltd, Newtown, NSW, Australia. 20 input, 2 way switched EQ, circa 1971. It has lovely red round fader knobs with Gliss faders.

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Quad Eight Pacifica Console

Mark Addison’s Quad Eight Pacifica 24-frame, circa 1979, three-band sweepable eq, P&G faders.

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Quad Eight CA 27 Dual Opamp

Equivalent to two AM-3 opamps on a single card. Used as an output bus driver, mix summing amp, gain makeup or utility amp. Similar versions of this card include the CA-27, CA-27a, CA-37 and CA-272. All can become high quality dual preamps by adding mic input transformers, optional output transformers, and a special “advanced skills” version […]

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Quad Eight 1682 Leon Russell Console

This Quad Eight installation is currently located in

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